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Dr Ioulia Ossokina, Eindhoven University of Technology, i.v.ossokina@tue.nl

Latest News

14/07/2018 Grant received for the project "Residential preferences of the elderly: impact of the need for care and family proximity". Grant from Netspar (Network for studies on ageing), with the support of the Ministry of Health.

26/06/2018 New discussion paper "Best living concepts for the elderly: combining a stated choice experiment with an architectural design." To the document To the project

29/05/2018 New report in Dutch "Are there signs of polarization in the city and social housing sector Eindhoven?" Work commissioned by Woonbedrijf, the largest housing association in Eindhoven. To the document

16/05/2018 Speaker Event Eurocommerce "Innovating in retail to keep cities vibrant" To the event To the slides

22/04/2018 VOX EU Column "Residential sorting enhances the return on transport infrastructure" To the column To the project

26/03/2018 Co-organizer and speaker symposium "Happy senior living: housing and care for elderly" To the symposium To the project

08/03/2018 Co-organizer and speaker Policy Seminar "Transport innovations and the long-term spatial policy" (Ministry of the Interior & Ministry of Transport) To the seminar To the project

20/12/2017 Published article “Land use, worker heterogeneity and welfare benefits of public goods”, Journal of Urban Economics 103: 67-82. To the project

10/11/2017Award VOGON-2017 for the paper “Leegstand en transformatie van winkelvastgoed”. To the project

18/09/2017 Discussion paper + Blog “Will self-driving cars mean more or fewer people in cities?” To the project