Happy senior living | Netherlands

This project is a collaboration with architects from Delft University of Technology

In various countries, the demand for senior dwellings is expected to rise. We combine the insights from social sciences and architecture to design best living concepts for elderly home owners.

The share of the elderly in the population is rising sharply in many countries, and governments make arrangements to stimulate the seniors to live independently at home for as long as possible. Such policies may induce people approaching the so-called 'third age' to move to another home which better suits their needs. We perform a stated choice experiment to study residential preferences of the elderly and translate the results into an architectural design of senior-friendly housing.

March 2018


- Ossokina, I.V., Arentze, T.A., Van Gameren, D. and D. van den Heuvel (2018) Best living concepts for elderly homeowners , Discussion paper

- Forthcoming Symposium. 28 March 2018. Happy Senior Living: housing with care for the elderly