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Dr Ioulia Ossokina, Photo Janita Sassen for BPD magazine.

In 2016 I moved back to academia, after 13 years at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. At Eindhoven University of Technology I continue my research on the economic analysis of cities, real estate and transport markets. This using big data and modern econometric techniques.

My models answer questions like: Why do people choose to live and work in cities? What are the effects of investments in urban transportation on the demand for housing? Which retail and office locations are more likely to have high rents and which high vacancies?

My research often benefits from cooperation with academic colleagues as well as experts from various governmental and market organizations. I strongly believe that this interaction helps to create new scientific insights that are useful in practice.

I am member of national and international networks of urban and transportation economists. I serve as referee and guest editor for national and international journals. I give courses on Urban economics, Financial planning in real estate, Methods of policy evaluation, Cost-benefit analysis.